Ambassadors represent ideas.

Sportkraft’s fundamental idea is that any ballsport with a racquet, bat or stick is awesome and rewards effort put in. Most of the time.

Tennis is fun, community focused – at it’s heart it is about hitting balls with mates and making new ones. It’s a youthful sport with a long and famous Australian tradition.

We are incredibly fortunate to work with Alien Pros, who support the amazing people and athletes below to spread the tennis message and to shout to the world that Australian tennis players are bold and proud and they are coming.

We are only new in the Badminton Softball, Baseball and Golf markets and will be extending our Ambassadors to these sports in our first 12 months.

Meet our AlienPros Australian Ambassadors.

Alison Shemon

Instagram: @alisonshemon

Roman Filipovic

Instagram: @roman_filipovic_tennis_8

Marcello Fucco

Instagram: @marcel_the_shello

Josh Carter

Instagram: @josh_carter_04

Jonas Anderson

Instagram: @jonasanderson_15

Rhiannon Eriksson-Perilli

Instagram: @rhiannonsmodernlife

Siena Fenech

Instagram: @siena_style

Caleb Nowland

Instagram: @calebnowland

Chase Burch

Instagram: @chaseburch06


Instagram: @tenniskidlife

Rachel McRase

Instagram: @balld_

Nicholas Maleganeas

Instagram: @nicmal11

Novak Palombo

Instagram: @novak_palombo

Jeff Yeung​

Instagram: @jeffyeung

Oliver King

Instagram: @ojkingy

Riley Milliner

Instagram: @riley_milliner_golf

James Dwyer

Instagram: @James_m_dwyer

Gregg Anderson

Instagram: @Gregg_longdrive_rookie